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Will Henna Make Your Hair Fall Out?


Will henna make your hair fall out? No, this is a false impression among people because henna works to make hair strong and healthy. There a little evidence that showed hair fall out with henna. Might be there is some other reason that caused hair fall like changing in eating habits, weight loss, weight gain, stress or seasonal shedding etc. All these factors greatly impact on hair health.

On the other side when you dye your hair with henna, this makes your hair dark and you begin to notice hair fall because dark color makes shedding more visible.

Hair Fall Pack with Henna



Amla powder ½ cup (depend on hair length)
Henna powder 3 tbsp
Fenugreek powder 2 tsp
Egg white 1
Lemon 1


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, use water if needs. Leave it for one an hour.
Apply on hair and rinse after 45 minutes.
Within 6 weeks you will see a dramatic change in your hair fall.