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Why are Some Henna Stains Dark and Some Light? The Secrets of Dark Staining Henna


Why are Some Henna Stains Dark and Some Light?

Women of Asian countries, Middle Eastern countries and some African countries love to sport henna tattoos and stain on their body especially on hands. It increases the beautification of the body part. Henna stains are not permanent and it fades away after 2-3 weeks.

After the application of henna design, the dye leaves a burgundy stain on the skin. The color of the stain highly depends on individual skin type and the time of henna application on the skin.

Darkest Henna Stain on Skin


The most irritating feature of applying henna it, it leaves different shades stain on different parts of skin some dark and some light. Even some people get dark color than the other if it applies at same time. The reason of dark and light color is structure of the human skin. The areas of the body with thicker layers tend to give darker and brighten color of henna design like top part of feet, soles of feet and palms. Henna designs are found dark, nearly black in color in these parts. Henna applied on the top of the hands, it gives a dark brownish shade and henna applied near the knuckles, on the palms and fingers will stain a darker color than the top of the hand. The best place to wear a henna tattoo is on the hands (palms and lower hand).

Warmth of body also contributes to darker the henna color on skin. Some people are more warm then the other so they get the bright color on their skin.

Lightest Henna Stain on Skin


Henna leaves light shade on upper arms, ankles and lowers back. Henna has light color on the wrist and lower arm. The color will be lighter as you move up on the upper arm and half the shade on your palm and feet. The color on these parts will fade quickly in about a week or so.

Why Does Henna Stain Darken with Time?

When we remove dried henna from hand, initially henna has light color but after 1 day the color gets darken. The reason behind improving color is air oxidize the henna color and cause to dark it.

The Secrets of Dark Staining Henna

Henna in dark and bright color always looks gorgeous. The dark color of skin also depends on the type of skin and application timing. Apart of these reasons there are some secret as well to get nice colored stain.

Clear Skin


Apply henna on clear skin; it should be free of oil and lotion.



Once dry, the longer it stays on skin the better color you will get. Leave it overnight on skin, but if you can’t leave for overnight, try to stay at least 2-4 hours.

Scrap Henna


After long stay of henna on skin, gently scrap it off from the skin. Never wash it out with water as it will ruin the stain.

Apply Oil on Henna Skin


When you put off henna from skin, apply coconut oil on designed area for 2 hours. The oil will help to improve the color.

Apply Sugar Water


Once henna is dried apply sugar water on stains with cotton balls (equal quantity of water and sugar). Sugar water will moist the henna and protect it from cracking and it will stay long on skin.

Steam Henna Design


When the sugar water is on henna, make a solution with 5 garlic cloves, 3 cloves and 3 cups of water; allow boiling. Then steam your henna design with this water to keep it moist. Be careful while steaming your hands and keep them on a reasonable distance.

Apply Vicks


You can also apply Vicks on design when you scraped off henna from skin and then wash hand after 6 hours.

Apply Vaseline


To avoid fading color soon, apply Vaseline on hennaed skin when you are going to do work with water or going to take bath.