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The Pros and Cons of Henna for Hair


Henna is one of the natural popular cosmetic in women that is in use for body art from long time. Beautiful designs and dark henna color makes the hand even better looking. Henna is mostly applied on front and back hands. Read this article to know what are pros and cons of henna have on body.


Temporary Color


Henna has temporary color so you can apply different designs.

No Blemish on Skin


Henna does not leave any blemish on skin and its best to make tattoo and other design rather to use other way of making tattoo.

Removing of Henna


Henna remove in between one or two weeks depend color on skin.


As compared to benefits of henna there is not much negative side of using henna.

React on Skin


Try to apply natural and fresh henna instead to use chemical one. Chemical can use reaction on skin.