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The Pros and Cons of Henna for Hair


You may observe your grand mother applying henna on their hair. They apply it because it has very soothing effect and a natural hair dye without any damage. Henna is in use from centuries due it its wonderful qualities. Though it is natural yet it also has pros and cons which are discussed in this article.


Henna a Natural Hair Color


Coloring henna has many benefits as compared to chemical hair dye. Henna is a natural hair dyes so no risk of side effects. People who use chemical dye face many problems like hair dryness and grey hair but henna gives a lovely color to the hair.

Strong Hair


Henna makes the hair strong, thicker and shinny. It does not damage and break hair. So applying henna can penetrate the hair shaft and make hair strong.

Henna Best Conditioner


Henna is one of the best conditioner that gives hair a natural shine and beautiful look. It also helps to increase volume of hair. For conditioning soak henna powder overnight in fresh made brewed black tea. Right before applying adds 1 tbsp oil or ½ egg in henna and apply it on hair. Leave for an hour then wash.

Keeps Dandruff Away


If you have dandruff problem then you must apply henna on your hair to stay away dandruff and flaky scalp. No need to use some chemical product. Using henna once a week will help you to get rid of dandruff. Soak 2 tsp fenugreek seeds in 4 tbsp curd overnight, next morning grind. Now mix 2 tbsp henna powder and 1 lemon juice. Apply it on hair scalp and rinse after 45 minutes.

Reduce Hair Fall


If you are facing hair fall problem then get benefit from henna; by using henna you will notice your hair fall stop after a few application. Mix henna powder in mustard oil and apply on hair and wash after an hour.


No Guaranty of Color


Being a natural product there is no guaranty of resultant color, many elements can affect it, harvesting, weather condition and where it is cultivated. Storage of henna also affects the result of henna.

Removing Henna


As you know henna is a natural hair dye so it is difficult to remove it from hair.

Dry Hair


Some people reports of dryness after using henna but such are rare cases. If the hairs are naturally dry then application of henna makes them drier. It is best to apply henna on well moisturized hair.

Allergic Reactions


Where the henna is not pure available, mixing of leads and metals can cause allergic reactions in people. Though it’s rare and a few causes are seen.

Loss in Curl


The weight of henna build up may end up loosing curls which is benefit for some ladies who like straight hair and disadvantage for other which is not what they may want.