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How to Store Henna Paste? How long you can freeze it?


You make henna paste and it left after application or you make henna paste in advance for using when you are in a hurry. You might want to freeze it now and yes you can store it for later use; and can use easily after defrosting. There is nothing better than cold freshly defrosted henna on your head and in your hair in the heat of summer time.

Some people suggest that frozen henna works best than the fresh made because henna is stronger after being frozen.

Freeze Henna in a Container


Pour henna into a container, let it cool and place in freezer. When you want to use it, a day before putting it in fridge to allow defrosting. It works fine.

Freeze Henna in Freezer Bag


If you want to make henna in large quantity in advance and want to freeze it; after mixing, wait for dye release then divide it into freezer bags, squeeze as much air out as possible, seal and put in the freezer. When you want to use, keep it in warm water bowl for defrosting.

Some say in this way you can store henna about 6 months.

Glass Jar or Aluminum Foil


Freeze henna paste in glass jar, or wrapped with aluminum foil. Thaw it out and use just as fresh.

Freeze Henna in Ice Cube Tray


Freeze henna paste in old ice cubed tray then take out cubes and stuck them into a freezer bag. When you want to use take it out from bag and place in a bowl for thaw. It works great.