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How to Remove Henna from Hand?


Once the henna soaked in the skin, it lasts usually two to three weeks on the skin and it is quite hard to remove it immediately. There is no hard and fast rule to remove henna from the skin immediately, but you can fade the color to some extend. Try one the following tip to solve the issue.



Exfoliate the top layer of henna dye with facial or body exfoliate product. On the other hand mix baking soda with liquid soap. Rub gently on stain with fingertips for 2 minutes or until fade then wash with water.

Baby Oil


Henna marks are usually considered stains on skin; find some way to break the stain. For this purpose apply baby oil over the stain and leave over night. Wash oil area in the morning; oil will help to remove the stain as it will break it.

Salt Water Scrub


One more way is to use salt as scrub, salt works an exfoliate and remove dead skin. Mix salt in water; soak cotton ball in salted water and rub on the skin in circular motions.



Rub vinegar on affected area to remove henna.

Hydrogen Peroxide


Dip cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and rub on henna.

Hot Water


Try to remove paste immediately when it is fresh. Wash area under hot water and rub the stain.