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How To Make Homemade Henna Paste And Cones


Henna paste can be applied on skin through different methods such as Syringe, finger, stick or plastic cone tubes. Cone Tubes are most popular and widely used method of skin decoration.

You can made this Henna Cone Tube at home very easily. Please follow the method listed below to made Henna Cone Tube at home.

Things You Need:


• Floraphane / Cellophane / Mylar / Basket Wrap. 
• Scissors
• Scotch Tape 
• Rubber bands
• Chopstick, Skewer or Common Pin


1. Cut 6x7 inches Floraphane / Cellophane / Mylar / Basket Wrap in Rectangle or Triangle shape.


2. Use scissors for cutting and Rectangular shape is preferable.
3. Role the Rectangle shape paper into a cone shape.


4. To make the cone shape, hold the upper right edge of the paper and fold left toward the center. 
5. Adjust the length and width of the cone as per your desire.
6. Shift and pull the cone until the opening is as small as a pin whole or as per tour desire.
7. Tape the cone, especially its seam and its little tail to avoid any leakage.


8. Use chopstick or common pin to block small opening at the tip of the cone.
9. Fill cone with Henna paste and close Cone with rubber band very tightly.