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How to Make Henna Cone at Home?


No time for shop henna? Don’t worry! You know you can make henna cone at home easily with some basic supplies. Yes it is quite easy and also cheap in price. You can make cone as many as you want. Read step by step instructions and make henna cone at home.

Things you Need to Make Henna Paste


Fresh henna powder ¼ cup
Fresh lemon juice ¼ cup
Mixing bowl
Sugar syrup 2 tsp
Essential oil 1.5 tsp



Mix together henna powder and lemon juice in a mixing bowl until completely mix and no lumps of dry powder remain. At this stage it will be thick.
Add sugar and essential oil. Stir it until smooth. Add water if needed.


Cover the bowl with plastic wrap in such a way that the plastic touches the surface of henna paste. Place at warm place for 24 hours to allow dye release.
After 24 hours it will ready for use.
Fill in cone and apply henna design or tattoo.

Note: Keep the Paste Fresh

You can keep henna paste fresh in freezer for several months, in the fridge for one week and at room temperature for 2-3 days.

The Things you Need to make Cone

Plastic Sheet
Scotch tape
Rubber bands

Steps to Make Henna Cone

Plastic Sheet


Get a plastic sheet and cut into square shape. The size of cone depends on you, but 6" is preferable as it is easy to handle.

Roll the Plastic Sheet


Roll the upper right of sheet toward the left hand upper corner. This is not easy to roll it because plastic is difficult to handle as it slip from hand. So carefully fold it to make a cone.

Fix with Tape


When you come at the end of other edge and rolling is complete. Fix the end corner with tape. Tape all the way so henna does not leak out.

Fill with Henna


Fill the cone with henna. You can use spoon for putting henna into cone.

Seal the Cone


Give a twist at the open side of cone and seal it with rubber band.

Cut the Tip


If the tip is too small, cut it a little more with scissors so henna paste can squeeze out smoothly.