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How to Apply Henna (Mehandi) on Hands? Basic Guide


It is not difficult task to put henna design on hands and feet, it just needs a little practice. Now a question may rise in your mind how do practice? As henna left color on hand. Read this article and get to know how easy you can do practice and make yourself master of applying henna.

The Things you Need

Henna cone
A transparent glass sheet
Type of any color
Book of henna design
Tissue paper
Plain paper

Basic of Learning Henna

Secure Glass Sheet with Type

Take a transparent glass sheet and fix type all the way on edges of glass so it does not hurt you while practicing.

Patterns on Paper


Take henna design book and sketch basic henna design shapes on paper with pencil. Like leaves, heart, petals etc.
Place paper of basic shapes on table and put glass sheet on it. You can clearly see pattern inside the glass sheet. Now start following the shapes and make them with henna. Repeat it 2-3 times.
Now remove paper under the glass sheet and make pattern again. Practice again and again until you are not able to make neat pattern. The basic patterns use again and again in henna design.

Petals Making


Make 7 in a curvy shape. Make another joining from the starting point of 7 but do not close it. Make a thick outer line to highlight the petal. Make filaments in the center with thin lines.

Making a Big Circle


Apply a dot then keep applying henna spirally until you have made it big enough as per required. Then you can make small dots around the big circle for a beautiful design.

Different Designs


You can make different designs by making and joining curve lines like shown in picture. You can fill curve with different strokes, dots, comas or lines.

Tracing a Complete Design


Now its time to make a complete design. Place a design under glass sheet and apply henna on glass by following the pattern. Do a little practice.

Practice without Tracing Design


When you feel you have a grip on henna cone and your hands are not shaking, take the next step. Drawn a sketch of your hand on paper and keep paper under glass sheet. Now make design by following a pattern from book. Start the design from fingers and come down to wrist side.
You will not able to become perfect in first applying, be patient and keep practicing.
All this practice will tell you how to hold the cone and how to press it while making a design.

Apply Henna Design on Hand


After practicing on glass you will be able to put design on hands. For applying design on hand; place the design in front of you in such a way the fingers of patterns will be near to you and the wrist away. Whenever you applying henna on some other hand start it from wrist side and come to the fingers end.
If you do some mistake in design, don’t worry just wipe off with a tissue.


Dry Henna


After applying henna, let it dry. When it is almost dry, apply sugar and lemon solution with a cotton ball for a darker color. Then after 3-4 hours scrap off henna then wash with water.