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How Apply Henna on Nails


Before the introduction of nail polish, people from Asia, Egypt and Spain used henna to color their nails. Henna stains nails from bright orange to dark brown. Applying henna on nails also consider beneficial for reducing fungal infection. In today’s world henna gets the status of herbal nail polish.

Henna color is last longer as the nail is there! It ends when the nail grows and we cut it. Henna color is not a best healthy alternate of nail polish, but also it stains on nail for a long time and looks unique.

Instructions to Apply Henna on Nails

You do not know how henna can be applied on nails! This is not as such difficult. Though applying henna on nails is little different then applying on hair and body.
Read this article and get information how you can apply properly henna on your nails for a gorgeous look.

Prepare Henna Paste


Make henna paste by mixing henna powder with lemon juice and water in a thick paste. Cover with wrap and leave for 4-6 hours to release dye.

Clean Nails


Wash your hand and properly clean your nails and push back the cuticles. Trim nails if necessary.

Apply Petroleum Jelly


If you want to color only your nails then apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly around the cuticles and skin around the nail.

Apply Henna Paste


Apply a thick coat of henna paste on nails with tip of brush or wooden stick. Let the paste dry. The longer henna stays on hand, the darker it will stain on nails.

Covering the Nails


Once the henna is dry cover your nails with plastic wrap or with some old cloth. Tape the bottom of the wrap.

Put off Henna from Nails


Gently flack off henna from nails after 8 hours. For a good dark stain avoid using soap on your hands for twenty-four hours. The color will develop after couple of days in a vibrant shade.