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Henna Powder vs Hair Color Dye



Commercial Hair colors or hair dyes are very popular all over the world due to their unique color shades and quick coloring properties. These commercial hair colors are demanded all over the world especially in America and Europe. More than 1/3 females above 18 all over America and 10% men above 40 use hair dye on their hairs. There are different types of hair dyes/colors range from temporary to permanent hair dyes. But peoples are unaware of harmful effects of these commercial hair colors. More than 5000 different chemicals are used in different hair color products which can be harmful and can cause severe damage to your hairs. These dyes or colors can also cause scalp infection and permanent hair loss. Additionally, these hair dyes can cause allergic reaction. It has also been reported that chemical hair dyes can also cause cancer. 

Henna Powder:


Now, peoples are becoming aware of the harmful effects of Commercial hair dyes and have starting to use Henna. Henna is completely safe and also a cheap substitute of hair colors. It does not damage the shaft of the hairs and colors hair by only coating hair strands. Additionally, it is temporary which means its color last form 1-4 weeks. Henna does not cause any trouble unless you have allergy with henna and other natural herbs.

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herbal henna powder in 9 natural colors

natural henna powder in 8 colors