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100 Grams Hesh Multani Mati (Natural Cleanser for Your Skin)

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Product Description

What is the Hesh Multani Mati?

Multani Mitti or Fuller's Earth is a specific type of clay that is widely used for a variety of purposes. Due to its absorption or adsorption ability, it is used as an absorbent, in filters, to decontaminate clothing or equipment, in makeup and skincare products.

It may perhaps be best known in the form of beauty products such as face masks, face packs, skin cleansers or scrubs. The Hesh Multani Mati is pure Fuller's Earth that may be used in a number of ways. You may use the tried and tested Multani mitti with rose water recipe for brighter, healthier and clearer skin or use it in a recipe that is carefully tailored to meet your individual needs.

The Hesh Multani Mati is essentially a type of clay and is meant for external use only.


The Hesh Multani Mati is pure Fuller's Earth, a naturally occurring substance that has been pulverized into a fine powder and filtered to ensure that there are no impurities. Multani mitti has been used for ages as a beauty product and is completely safe, non-toxic and has no known ill effects with long term use.

The fine dust of Fuller's Earth may impair the function of your respiratory system if inhaled on a regular basis for a long time. The obvious way to avoid any such problems would be to handle the Hesh Multani Mati with care and avoid creating dust clouds or to use a disposable surgical mask.

Why use the Hesh Multani Mati?

If you are looking for a purifier, cleanser or skincare product, the Hesh Multani Mati is an excellent option. It helps absorb excess oil and impurities from your skin, clear dead skin cells and is known to be antibacterial against gram positive bacteria. Using the Hesh Multani Mati also has a moisturizing effect that helps keep your skin hydrated.

You can supplement the effectiveness of Multani Mitti by combining it with other beneficial herbal or mineral ingredients, many of which are available as Hesh powders.


The Hesh Multani Mati helps cleanse and purify your skin while also keeping it hydrated. It is a completely natural product and completely non-toxic. There are no reports of allergies, side effects or ill health resulting from short term or long term use of the Hesh Multani Mati.

As this product is in powder form, you can easily mix it into other water, oil or skincare products and adjust the quantity to prepare the face mask or paste in a manner that suits you best. You may even use it as a dry shampoo by applying it to your hair and then brushing it out. Due to its absorbent properties it should pick up dirt, impurities and oils leaving your hair cleaner and softer.


There are no absolutely no downsides to using the Hesh Multani Mati as far as we are aware.


The Hesh Multani Mati is made from one of the oldest beauty products: Fuller's Earth, a type of clay that is highly absorbent or adsorbent. It wicks away excess oils, moisture, sweat, impurities, dead skin cells and helps to make your complexion smoother, brighter and fresher. We highly recommend the Hesh Multani Mati if you wish to create your own face packs or masks.

English Name: Fullers Earth

Country of Origin: Product of India

Ingredients: Multani mitti (Armenian Bole/Fullers Earth)

Product Weight: 3.5 OZ (100 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Directions: Box

Package: Box

Product Type: Powders

Product Reviews

  1. Fuller's earth facial pack

    Posted by Chandru on 26th Jan 2017

    This is a great face pack to treat moderate acne with a very oily skin type. The drawing action as the mask dries, encourages deep acne to come to the surface more easily. It helps unclog pores and even lightens darker skin and freckles. Be warned, this earth mask can be drying to the skin. If you have a dry skin type, you may use 2% to whole milk to make your paste. If you have milk allergies, and you have very dry skin, this may not be for you. If you have very oily skin, this may help you. I add rosewater into the pack for added softness. But plain water is good enough. Everybody should use moisturizer after each and every use. Your face may have redness after washing. This means that this pack brings blood to your skin to speed up healing. It's nothing to be concerned about as the moisturizer with calm it down for ten minutes or so. If you have light skin, it may appear redder then a darker skin tone. Very good mask to use at least once a week. A half a teaspoon is all you need for each use, which makes it last a long time.

  2. Great for Oily acne prone skin and pigmentation

    Posted by openminded1990 on 25th Jan 2017

    "I highly reccommend this mask to anyone who suffers from oily skin as well as those who have hyperpigmentation and acne. This is suitable for all ethnicities. I have been a faithful user of this mask for 3 months. My skincare routine is very stringent, but I do not have to wear any foundation at all, just lipstick and eyeliner. Try using this mask powder mixed with rose water to help soften skin. Other liquids such as green tea, milk, and mineral water will give the skin additional benefits as well. I use it daily to keep acne away, and it does have a mild lightening effect (which is natural) so over time you will see any hyperpigmentation begin to fade. My skin is not as oily as it used to be. Just use less than a teaspoon of the powder mixed with the liquid of your choice, or even plain water, to make a thin paste, or less water to make a thicker mask and apply it to your face and neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes or until you see that it has dried. You will notice that your skin feels like it is getting tighter as the mask dries. Rinse it off with warm water and pat it dry. If you mix the mask powder with sandalwood, it will also help with discoloration. You may want to use a moisturizer after your mask. There is no need to wash your face with soap afterward as this will over dry your skin, use your facial scrub weekly when using this mask.

    I hope you get great results, definatey give this a try. In 2-3 weeks you will get results. "

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