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Hesh Manjishta Powder (For Spotless Skin That Looks Younger) 50 Gm


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Product Description

Hesh Manjishta Powder – For Spotless Skin

What is the Hesh Manjishta Powder?

Manjishta is a plant that was extensively cultivated for the red dye that could be derived from its roots. However, after a synthetic alternative was developed, it has largely been relegated to its traditional medicinal uses. Traditional Tibetan medicine utilizes this herb for various conditions including blood related disorders but in Ayurvedic medicine, it is mainly used for treating skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, pimples and eczema among others.

The Hesh Manjishta Powder is made from the Rubia Cordifolia plant and helps remove wrinkles, skin discoloration and blemishes of all kinds according to the manufacturer. A great deal of research has been done on the pharmacological properties of this plant and it has been discovered to have antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antihyperglycemic, antistress and wound healing properties.


The Hesh Manjishta Powder is pure and solely prepared from the Rubia Cordifolia plant. It is a natural, herbal product that has been used for medicinal and skincare purposes for a very long time. There are no reports of adverse health effects related to its use and there are no reports of allergies so it is likely a very rare condition.

Instead, the Rubia Cordifolia is one of two herbs which were found to be potential candidates to help inhibit anaphylaxis due to peanut allergy as recently as September 2011. Although the plant has many medicinal uses, we do not recommend ingesting the Hesh Manjishta Powder as it is not food-grade nor suggested for such use by the manufacturer.

Why use the Hesh Manjishta Powder?

If you are troubled by acne, pimples, cysts or other blemishes, the Hesh Manjishta Powder is an excellent natural herbal solution that is proven to work. Similarly, the Hesh Manjishta Powder is also suitable for skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, skin ulcers and others.

As it is in powder form, you can easily mix it into water or oil to form a paste. Alternately, you can add the Hesh Manjishta Powder to commercial or homemade skincare products and use it that way.


The Hesh Manjishta Powder has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties that assist in clearing up various skin conditions and disorders. It may also assist in removing skin discoloration conditions that are due to inflammation or are microbial in nature.

It is a completely natural herbal product with no known side effects or toxicity. There have been no reports of allergy caused by using the Hesh Manjishta Powder. As it is in powder form, you can use it as best suits your needs by altering the concentration or the base medium you mix it into.


To the extent of our knowledge, there are no downsides to using the Hesh Manjishta Powder.


The Hesh Manjishta Powder is a natural product prepared from a plant native to South Asia and China. It has long been used for treating skin conditions in Ayurvedic medicine and continues to be an effective treatment today. It helps remove acne, freckles, pimples, wrinkles and other blemishes giving you a clearer, fresher and more youthful looking countenance. This is an excellent product and we highly recommend the Hesh Manjishta Powder for anyone with sensitive skin that tends to break out even more with synthetic products.

Manufactured By:
Hesh Pharma

Country Of Origin: Product of India

Ingredients: Manjishta Powder 100% (Rubia Cordifolia)

Product Weight: 1.75 OZ (50 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in cool, dry & well ventilated place

Package: Box

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