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Different Types of Henna Design


Henna is been in used from ancient times to color the hands and feet. It has various application methods according to region, but most probably it is applied with cone. The color adopts from henna can either be orange, dark orange or dark brown depends on henna and other factors. Whatever the color is it looks pleasant and it increases beauty of hands.

Henna is used in pleasant occasions especially in Pakistan and India; no wedding is complete without applying henna. Even festival of Eid is considered incomplete without henna.

Application of henna designs is different according to region but most popular designs are Pakistani, Indian, Arabic and African. Now with the passing of time henna is also getting popularity in west as women make there henna tattoo.

Pakistani Henna Design


Pakistani henna designs are most detailed consist on floral motifs such as lotuses and curling vines. It needs time for making them and they look wonderful.

Indian Henna Design


A big circle in center of palm is inn in Indian patterns and the finger tips are fully coated with henna. Teardrop shapes and paisley patterns are also made in Indian designs.

Arabic Henna Design


Arabic henna designs include leaves, vines, flowers as well as geometric patterns that nearly completely cover the hand or foot. Arabic henna designs look gorgeous.

African Henna Design


African henna designs tend to have a symbolic meaning like to express love and concern. Mostly henna styles are based on straight, draped lines, intricate patterns and geometric figures.