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Difference between Henna products


Henna is a widely used natural herb. It is full of conditioning and coloring properties and that’s why it is used in many herbal cosmetic products in India and many areas around the World.

Henna Powder:


Henna is mostly available in powder form. Different manufactures are making Henna powder products for use on skin and hairs.

Henna Hair Color:

Henna is considered as the safest hair color. It is full of safe and healthy hair coloring properties and even gives color to grey hairs very efficiently. Many Henna Hair colors are combination of henna with some other chemicals or natural herbs. Henna Hair Color is also available in paste form.

Henna Hair Shampoo:


Henna is used to make shampoo with several other natural herbs or often with some chemicals. These Henna Hair Shampoo gives amazing treatment to hairs and makes them healthy, strong, smooth and silky.

Henna Hair Conditioner:


Henna is known as the nature’s best Conditioner. Its conditioning properties have gave Henna too much popularity in Modern world. It is used in different Conditioners as main ingredient and also used as an herbal Conditioner.

Henna for Tattooing:

Henna is very popular in India, Pakistan, Middle East and many other of the world for skin decoration and skin tattooing. It is temporary tattooing and also known as Body Art.