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Comparison Between Different Henna Brands


There are several Henna Brands famous all over the world. All these brand's products caries different qualities and formulation to give amazing coloring to your hair and skin.



Reshma Brand is one of India’s most famous henna brands. Its products are based on 100% natural and healthy henna extracts which gives real henna color without any side effect. It has different color ranges which is due to the use of different ingredients in it.



Jamila Henna is famous all over the world due to its results. It contains healthy Henna extracts. Reason of its popularity is its extra softness and conditioning properties. Jamila Henna can be used for hair color as well as for hair dyeing which easily colors your grey hair.



Arzoo Henna is perfect for use for skin decoration. It is based on natural and herbal extracts of Henna and other extracts. It is a gift of Pakistan which is best choice on EID, Diwali and other social and cultural events.



Hesh Henna Powder is full of 100% original and fresh Henna extracts which is perfect on use on Hairs and skin both. It has been used by thousands of peoples and they have not reported any side effect of Hesh Henna.



Ayur Henna is a worldwide famous Henna manufactured by Indian Manufacturer Pearls of Beauty. Ayur Henna or Ayur Rajasthani Henna has fresh and healthy Henna extracts in its products. Ayur Henna Products are famous for the use of only Herbal extracts in them without any use of harmful chemicals. Ayur Rajasthani Henna is suitable for use on Skin as well as Hairs.



Herbal Dulhan Henna is 100% natural which is full of Rajasthani Henna. It is perfect for use on skin and hairs and have no side effect on skin and hairs.



Supreme Herbal Henna manufacturers a large range of Henna powder products. It has different colors including Burgundy, playful plum etc. Supreme Herbal Henna manufacturer natural herbal henna as well as chemical based henna products which gives colors of your choice.

Godrej Nupur:


Nupur Henna is a product of world famous brand Godrej India. Godrej Nupur gives amazing color to your hair. Rajasthani henna is world famous and Godrej is full of these pure Henna extracts.

Afshan Brown Henna (Mehndi):


Afhsan Henna is an Indian product, made up of pure and natural Henna which gives amazing color. No harmful color is used in this Henna and only have herbal extracts in it.

Ahmed Afshan:


Ahmed Afshan Henna is Pakistan I product which is made up of natural and pure henna without any use of chemical in it. It is especially for use on hairs and is not suitable for skin use.

Black Rose Kali Mehndi:


Black Rose Kali Mehndi is very popular in India and America. Its amazing ingredients gives perfect Black Color which is due to unique mixture of Henna with some other herbs and chemicals. Black Rose Kali Mehndi is reported to contain PPD in it.