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Can We Use Chemical Hair Dye After Henna-ing Hair?


Henna is one of the best natural color dyes using for centuries, but now a day’s hair dye is also very popular. If you have used henna for dying hair and later does not get the significant result, you might think to use chemical dye for the hair. There are many misconceptions regarding this issue. Some think you cannot go over chemical hair dye and some suggest you can do.

Consider these points before taking any decision.

Check your Henna Product


As henna is all about natural product, for precaution check the product of henna you used that it was all natural then go for using chemical hair dye otherwise wait to fade henna color. This is best after application of henna wait for at least 3-3 weeks before doing chemical hair dye then it should not be a problem.

Wash Hair with Yogurt


If you can’t stand to wait and want to go back chemical hair dye. Wash your hair with yogurt as much as possible along with a good detergent based shampoo. Avoid using hair conditioner.

Strand Test


It is best do a strand test before applying chemical dye to entire hair; it will help to tell you what the color you get and if there is any reaction over henna hair dye.