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Benefits of using Henna


Henna is considered as one of the most beneficial and most famous herb all over the world. It is used for coloring hairs as well as skin and also considered as the cheap and safest substitute of hair colors and chemical tattoos.

Benefits for Hair:

  • Stronger Hair: Henna does not colors hair like chemical hair dyes. It does not damage hairs to enter the shaft of the hairs. It enters in the shaft of the hairs safely and creates a strong binding with keratin. This helps to make your hair strong and healthy. It makes a layer around the hairs which also play an important role in protecting hair from impurities. Its coat on hairs is only for protection and coloring and does not perform any function like locking the moisture of the hairs. 
  • Smoother, Shinier Hair: Henna has the ability to fill the rough edges of the hairs which results in smooth and silky hairs. Due to increased smoothness, hairs become less damage during combing which keeps your hair healthy for long.
  • Cheap Hair Coloring: Henna is the cheapest substitute of the chemical Hair Dyes. 
  • Use with other Herbs: Henna can be used with many other natural herbs. Its color shades can be improved by adding herbs like Amla, Indigo etc. 
  • Non-Fading Red: Chemical Hair dyes fades rapidly and gives a very bad look to your hairs. After the first application of Henna, it fades rapidly but after second application or more it fades less. 
  • Absence of Chemicals: Most of the Chemical Hair Dyes available in the market are full of harmful elements in them. These dyes can damage the shaft of the hairs. Henna makes a coat around every strand of the hairs and gives safe and healthy hair coloring.

Benefits for Skin:

  • Henna mostly does not have any damaging effect on skin. It is perfect for skin as unlike ink used in Tattoos, Henna is does not have chemical reaction on skin. Women use Henna to decorate their hands, feet and nails. Now, it is also getting popular in Europe and America due to its safe skin designing
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