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  • Dabur Vatika DermoViva Illuminating Face Scrub 150 ML
  • Dabur Vatika DermoViva Illuminating Face Scrub 150 ML

150 ML Dabur Vatika DermoViva Illuminating Face Scrub

150.00 Grams
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Product Description

Used for hundreds of years in Hinduism as a ceremonial oil for births, marriages and myriad other important landmarks in one's life, sandalwood oil has an important spiritual history as well as plenty of beneficial properties. This fragrant essential oil is known to be astringent, meaning that it encourages the tightening of skin and leaves your complexion looking beamingly bright and illuminated with a healthy glow. For skin that is tired, overshadowed and dull, refresh with Dermoviva Face Scrub enriched with the sandalwood oil. Dermoviva Illuminating Face Scrub is packed full of goodness which will work to illuminate your complexion and give the appearance of brighter, revitalized, healthy looking and clean skin.

  • Encourages the tightening of skin
  • Leaves your complexion looking beamingly bright & illuminated with a healthy glow
  • Enriched with the sandalwood oil
  • Illuminate your complexion & give the appearance of brighter
  • Healthy looking & clean skin

Direction of Use: Moisten face and gently massage all over, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly & pat dry. Use 2-3 times a week.

Safety Warning: For external use only. Avoid Contact with Eyes. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Manufactured By: Vatika

Product Weight: 150 ML

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